Families and Children

No matter what your family looks like, I want to tell your authentic story.

We All Look Different

That's what makes us special

Family. They all look different and how we define them varies. Regardless, they are our people. Our rock. Our safe place in this world, and there is nothing more special than being able to capture that and hold onto it forever. As families change, grow, kids grow up and have more kids, things look different. This is why capturing the current moment in time will help to document those changes and having photos professionally taken to remember those moments is something you can thank yourself for for years.

Pricing & Packages

Small Family

Small families are defined as a family of 4 members or less. A small family session is a perfect way to get really beautiful and intimate shots of the small parts that make up your tribe.


Medium Family

Medium families are defined as groups of 5-9 members. These sessions allow for more time to capture all the individual parts of your tribe as best to tell your story.


Large + Extended Family

These sessions are specially designed for my families of 10 or more. Typically these are great for extended families that include all the working parts. Aunts, uncles, cousins, babies. Everyone is welcome.

Base Price $425// contact